Commercial Roofing and Hail Damage

Three Indicators that Your Commercial Roof Has Been Damaged by Hail

Hail is a weather problem that causes significant financial loss every year in the US; it’s possible that a single hailstorm can cause a billion dollars’ worth of damage. According to the National Weather Service, even 1-inch hail is capable of producing considerable property damage.

Your commercial building is not exempt from the effects of hail and, after any storm that produces hail, you should inspect it to see if your roof has been damaged. Here are three things to look for:

  • Dimples or “minor” cracks in the roof membrane. The most obvious evidence of hail damage. Although these issues may seem harmless, their appearance means that the membrane’s long-term weatherproofing ability probably has been compromised.
  • Dents on metal equipment and rooftop components. If there’s no clear indication of a hail event on the roof surface, check your rooftop HVAC units, metal roof flashings, gutters and coping cap metal for dents. It’s likely they were caused by hail.
  • Low / soft spots in underlying insulation. This can mean that the hail stones dented and damaged the surface of the insulation beneath the roof membrane – possibly causing a separation between the insulation’s facer and its inner material. In addition to reducing R-value, an indentation of the insulation can cause the overlying roof membrane to not be flush against the surface, decreasing its ability to withstand weathering forces that can worsen or create new cracks.

Roof problems from a hailstorm may not appear immediately, but the roof may be more prone to leaking down the road. Also, the roof’s “life expectancy” has most likely been reduced. Your best course of action after a hail event is to have a commercial roofing professional take a look. The contractor will have the tools and knowledge to evaluate your roof’s condition and recommend the right course of action.

The professionals at Complete Commercial Roofing would welcome the opportunity to be “that” contractor. If you’re in need of a replacement roof, we can recommend options that will help minimize the negative effect of future hailstorms.


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