Considerations When You’re in the Market for a New Commercial Roof

A new commercial roof is a major capital investment and should prompt you to consider a number of cost factors before making your final decision.

Initial installation cost is usually the first thing that comes to mind, but that’s not necessarily the most important factor. If you’re expecting your roof to last 15 years or more, its cost over the entire life may be the most economical number. And that is dependent on several things:

Your new roofing system should be able to meet the unique watertight needs of your facility. A building with large rooftop expanses (a warehouse, for example) has different needs than one with multiple penetrations (like a restaurant). The roof with the penetrations will require more flashing components and has a greater potential for compromise. Make sure the system you choose – and the contractor installing It – will make these areas secure for the long term. If your building is a restaurant or another business that exhausts onto the roof surface, make sure that the membrane can handle it. Some systems are more impervious to grease and chemicals than others and will deliver a longer life in those conditions.

Reflective single-ply roofing systems (primarily PVC and TPO) can help facility managers save up to 40% of their summertime energy bill. Some roofing systems are classified as “cool,” because they are white or light-colored and reflect heat away from the building. This means lower air-conditioning costs. Studies have shown that cool roof systems also help preserve the long-term effectiveness of insulation, which means they will help stabilize your energy bills for the life of your roof.

A “hidden” cost of a new roof installation is whether it causes disruption to your normal building activities. Today’s lightweight, single-ply roofing systems can typically be installed quickly and safely, without loud machinery, kettles, hazardous materials, unpleasant fumes, hot tar, or mess. They often can be installed over an existing roof without a tear-off that might interfere with building traffic or operations.

It’s important to understand all the costs of your new roofing investment. At Complete Commercial Roofing, we can help you understand the financial pros and cons of different commercial roofing systems. We look forward to working with you.

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