The Contractor: Your Commercial Roof Project Teammate

Pulling the trigger on a commercial roofing project is a big step, not to mention an expensive proposition. major undertaking for your business. You and your contractor should be on the same team when it comes to some of the key aspects of the job.

Your contractor should provide a thorough scope of work in the contract. In addition to the specifics of the labor and materials being used, the contract should specify when work will begin and end. Because commercial roofs are complex assemblies, sometimes an installation can reveal surprises that can delay completion of the project. The contractor should keep you apprised of these events, as well as how it will affect the schedule and cost.

It’s important to note that the installation doesn’t just involve the roofer and their crew; it can also affect your building occupants. Make sure you understand the measures they have in place to ensure the safety of all those who will be in and around the building during the project.

If you’re open for business during the roofing project, you need to keep your property tidy and inviting for occupants and visitors. To that end, your contractor should specify how this will be achieved. For roof tear-offs and installation debris, you and the contractor should agree on a designated ground area for discarded roof materials, and the contractor should furnish their own dumpster; make sure you agree as to where it will be placed during the project. Obviously, sharp objects on the ground (fasteners, metal components, etc.) should be picked up and disposed of immediately.

One significant issue to agree on is roof access. How will the roofing crew access the roof and how the materials will be delivered to the rooftop? For buildings with one or two stories, a crane or scissor lift (provided by the contractor) can be used; taller structures mean that the contractor probably will need to use a freight elevator in your building. Make sure that the roofer can get to these access points without obstructions, and that both they and building occupants will respect the others’ needs for “business as usual.”

When these bases are covered, your project is more likely to go smoothly. At Complete Commercial Roofing, our priority is ensuring your satisfaction on every roofing project. We look forward to working with you.

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