Is Your Roof Saving You Money – Or Costing You Money?

A New, Watertight Roof – And Energy Savings

The primary job of a roofing system is to protect your building from the elements, and if installed properly, most commercial roof systems will do that for many years. A recent industry trend is delivering another benefit: energy savings. That’s because single-ply white and other light-colored roofing membranes are being installed more often. They’re highly reflective and help prevent summertime heat from entering the facility. The result is potentially significant savings on energy costs.

Flat commercial roof systems made from black or other dark materials absorb heat and transfer it into the building. A cool roof is white or light in color and reflects light and heat. The result is a facility with lower air-conditioning costs in the summer and, for buildings that are not air-conditioned (e.g., agricultural structures, some warehouses), a cooler work setting that promotes higher worker productivity.

On a 90-degree day, a black roof surface itself can be 150 degrees or more. Compare that to a cool roof, that may only be 100-110 degrees. It’s a significant difference, and if you have rooftop HVAC units, they’ll have to work a lot harder (using more energy) to cool the hot air that’s settled on a dark roof surface.

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