Choose A Prefabricated Duro-Last Roof for a Hassle-Free Installation

Most single-ply roofing systems are delivered to the job site as roll goods that have to be positioned carefully on the rooftop to ensure a proper fit. They also require lots of manual labor to seam membrane sections together. For example, on a 50,000 square-foot roof, a typical roll-goods roofing system could require as much as 13,000 linear feet of seaming by hand – that’s about 2-1/2 miles.

On the same roof, the Duro-Last roofing system would require only 1300 linear feet of rooftop seaming. That’s because Duro-Last roofs are prefabricated under controlled factory conditions in a manufacturing facility. This approach to roof production greatly reduces the likelihood of rooftop installation errors and future leak problems.

Studies of roof failures show that most problems occur because of installation errors – much of which can be attributed to manual rooftop seaming. Duro-Last prefabrication eliminates most of this, greatly reducing the likelihood of installation errors and leak problems in the future.

Also important is that a prefabricated Duro-Last roof can be installed by Complete Commercial Roofing without disrupting your day-to-day operation. And, because less rooftop labor is installed, we can be off your roof more quickly than with other systems.

In addition to being custom prefabricated, the Duro-Last roofing system is durable, energy-efficient, code compliant and backed by the industry’s best warranties. Contact Complete Commercial Roofing today about a new roof for your facility.

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